Community Matters

Working and living in a small community all my life has shown me the value that our neighbors, friends, local businesses, etc have in our lives.  Even with the world of technology becoming more a part of our lives, it does not take the place of people needing and wanting to be with other people.  History shows the importance of creating strong connections with people:  within our immediate familiar circles and those on the ‘other side of the bridge’.   Community is important to all of us in one way, shape or form.

What are we doing in the area of  Marketing, Public Relations and Communications that is affecting our society – small and large. What tools do we have today to support our communities communicate with one another and within the group?  Who is making a difference in our communities and why?  What is happening in the world today that affects us?  What can we learn from historical communities?  Tips & Testimonials.

My experience comes from almost 20 years in small town retail, traditional education in Business & Public Relations, and my life as a small town ‘gal’.

Small businesses, Government, Recreational Activities, Families, Education, Environmental and Healthcare all play a part in the well-being of our society.  It will take true transparency, authenticity, effort & compassion from everyone -organizations and individuals –  to make a our communities thrive  Let’s  learn, let’s live and let’s leave behind greatness in our communities.