Social and Content Strategist – Job Opening

“Social & Content Strategist – Job Opening”  is a heading that we rarely see on job seeker websites such as Monster, Workopolis or even Linked In.

Why is that?  Companies are not responding fast enough to the changes that our public is demanding we do business.  Customers are demanding companies build relationships with them if they want their business and that means effective two-way communication.  This means they want companies to be honest, offer relevant information and give them an opportunity to engage in conversation.

“The way we do business is changing fast and in order to keep up, your entire mentality about work has to change just as quickly….  this ‘recession is a forever recession’ because it’s the end of the industrial age, which also means the end of the average worker”  – says Seth Godin

In so many words, Seth describes where the people (and organizations) who settle for mediocrity will end up – the bottom rung of the success ladder.

What is a “Social & Content Strategist” ?

Mack Collier describes in his blog today what a Social and Content Strategist does for a company and why the people in this position are helping them succeed.  An interview with Ian gives an opportunity for listeners to hear what this type of job is all about.  Ian was having a hard time getting a job the traditional way and started thinking ‘outside the box’… and voila…success!   Ian is the furthest thing from an average worker, and it landed him an extraordinary job.  How you say?…listen to the interview.

Looking back at this blog in a year I hope that ‘unique’ will not be the word to describe this job.  Every customer centric business that realizes that this position needs to be created and filled within their organization NOW, will have a competitive edge because they are responding to a need.

Does your company have someone working as a Social & Content Strategist?  Or a similar position?  Do you plan to create such a position within the next year?  Please share your thoughts below.