How I overcame my fear of blogging

It was not that long ago that I started to blog.  I have always kept a journal, but to post my thoughts and ideas publicly?  Well, that was a different story.

A 1,2,3 steps that I found useful in overcoming my fear of blogging.  Under the assumed online name, Aceso71 (Aceso being one of the Greek godesses of health and well-being), I began to blog.

After spending 8 weeks learning how to blog in my introductory social media class at McMaster University (Public Relations Diploma Program), here is my final presentation.

Any other ideas on how to overcome a fear of blogging?

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One thought on “How I overcame my fear of blogging

  1. I can definitely relate when it comes to having a hesitation about making things public – I’ve always felt that way. I think over time you get used to it and it’s important to always think carefully about what you’re putting out there. Good tips in your presentation!

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