Since 1991 I have worked in the area of sales, marketing & public relations for retail, non-profit & B2B organizations.  There have been opportunities to work, live and play with different groups of people over the years.  Some of these groups have been successful in building mutually beneficial relationships and built thriving communities.  However, there have been times that I have seen people with great intentions try and create communities that have sadly failed.  What is the formula for success?  Why do we need communities?  My observations and experiences over the years have convinced me that the benefits that the individuals, the group itself, and the outer circles that touch these groups receive can be quite extraordinary.  It is why my passion for community exists.

Computers, the internet and other technologies have been part of our communities for many years, but it has now hit the point that they are impacting our society in ways that we have never seen before.  Barriers that groups experienced before this surge in technology are coming down at a rapid pace. Now we have the opportunity to reach more people, manage larger communities, communicate better within these groups and adapt when necessary.  But this means the way we have been doing things before is changing, whether we want to be a part of it or not.  However, technology is just a tool.  The principals of community are the same now as it has been in centuries past and will continue to be the same in the future.  It will be those groups and organizations that use these tools to build the mutually beneficial relationships between them and their publics.  It is then that they will be successful within our society.

Painting_Guelph_LenButcherThis blog is about looking to the achievements of past and current communities.   What are they doing that set them apart?  What lessons can we learn from their shared experiences?  How can we apply them to today’s marketplace?  What technologies are they using and why?

We will watch trends, listen to our peers, follow experts, and learn about new technologies that are effecting so many changes in our world today.

I am looking forward to this blog as a personal and professional journey. A journey to build stronger and greater communities.

All respectful comments, insight and feedback to the blogs on this site are welcome.

In loving memory:  The heading for this blog is from the pic of the painting you see here.  Guelph, Ontario is in the background of this winter scene – an oil painting done by my grandfather John Lennox Butcher completed in 1985.  May he rest in peace and continue to inspire me to achieve the best I can possibly achieve, embrace my creativity, and to love community.