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Magic words of Motivation

“I believe” :  the strongest two words that motivate all of us.  What made crowds appear in Washington on a hot summer’s day to listen to Martin Luther King speak about civil rights?  ” I believe “.  And not what HE necessarily believed, but what they believed as well.  What made the Wright Brothers push through their challenges to invent a flying machine?  Because they believed in that what they were doing would positively change life forever.

Simon Sinek speaks here about the motivation behind WHY people do what they do.  What changes people’s behavior?  The ‘golden circle’ is a visual showing us that we act from the inside out.  The WHY or what we believe in is truly what motivates all of us.

Once we realize this, we will be able to achieve what we want to achieve.

  • Career  – because we will want to get up every day for work knowing the WHY you are doing it.  Your vision will be clear.
  • Hiring – you will know who to hire, because now you know what to look for in those that will be your team mates.  They will believe in what you are doing more than just wanting to be there for a paycheck, which is the ‘what’.
  • Customers – your customers will buy from you because they know the WHY behind why you are offering this product / service ( Simon uses the example of APPLE )

What is really incredible is that this circle, and all of what it means, is rooted in biology – the design of our brain.  Science tells us that WHY is what motivates us, not WHAT.

Trouble viewing the TED talk video?I Go to your TED talks app  and search on Simon Sinek.

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The right words, at the right time: Lessons from the past

A love poem recently found was written by my late Great Uncle Wally to his new wife Ruth – Christmas 1973.  This poem  begins in sadness, but please read on, it ends in utter joy.

These words must have had such an impact on this new marriage, this new relationship – words full of  hope, possibility and absolute honesty.  And what timing!  As they ventured forward in this new relationship, these initial words must have shown his new wife how open and honest her new partner would be with her.  Such a support to this union, and obvious blessing to them both.

I sometimes thought we loved too much,

my lovely wife and I;

For we shared a love that didn’t wane

as many years slipped by.

We were indeed a unit, sharing laughter

joy and tears

As we trod along Life’s pathways those

many, many years.

Then cam that awful day when she

could no longer stay

It seemed my life must end when the

angels beckoned her away

My life, which had been beautiful

lost suddenly all flavor

And I was sure that never more would

I know Happiness’ savor.

For months I drifted, my search for

Happiness sometimes drastic

But the fun I had and those I met

seemed merely to be plastic

Things which used to make me laugh

weren’t “Happenings” anymore

And I admit, to those I met, I must

have seemed a bore

Then, miraculous it seemed, a light came

shining through.

The clouds of Loneliness parted:  Fate introduced me to you.

I’m sure it must have been ordained by the

Master up above

For suddenly, with clarity, I knew you were sent

for me to love.

Now the Sun shines bright again; birds sing

a sweeter tune:

My wintry life has taken on the beauty and

loveliness of June

This is my way of saying, Dear, to you my sweet,

new wife

That you’re more than just a wife to me –

you are indeed my Life.

Author: Wally Symons

Our communities are built on one relationship at a time.  Perhaps the lessons learned here, is that we should readily offer our words with care and thoughtfulness:  making sure the timing and choice of words are appropriate to achieve the greatest outcome of each situation.

Note:   Wally Symons at the age of 13 years and 6 months – only photo we have of him.  Given permission to share this poem by my mother.